At a glance, it is an easy choice for the bottomline conscious, or is it? I certainly thought so until I was forced to cowork for a few weeks while my home was undergoing some minor renovations. And, that is when I learned the real difference that coworking makes for the entrepreneur that wants to achieve more.


There is no denying the sweatshirt-slippers convenience of working from home. Skipping the getting ready and commute time can kick-start your work day early with Army level (“We do more before 9am than most people do all day?) efficiency and results. That pile of tedious reports and emails disappear with ease.

Then the doorbell rings. Your neighbor is locked out and would like some help. Your wife calls and asks you to throw in a few laundry loads or make a market run. Oh, and man’s best friend is doing a jig by the door. Tick, tick, tick goes the clock as the disruptions crop up. Good thing you got that head start.

But a few disruptions is well worth the $10-20 you save on lattes and lunch. Instead, you can work while you eat warmed left overs or, maybe, run out for some fresh air and grab some sushi around the corner.

Working from home definitely has its benefits. Yep, lots of convenience. The thing that its lacks though is stimulation. There is little inspiration derived from such familiar-comfort-oriented surroundings. And, working solo can be isolating and empty. Especially in those moments when the rush of a new idea emerges but no audience to share or refine it. 


Coworking centers are the opposite of isolating. You walk into an environment teeming with self-starting entrepreneurs and business owners striving to grow their companies. You can’t escape the flow of goal-focused energies around you that naturally stimulates your own.

Coworking spaces cater to both internal and verbal processors — on a given day you may want to get down to business in a quiet zone, an office or choose to utilize the open floor plan to be more interactive during the workday. Most coworking spaces offer the flexibility of space options that appeals to everyone’s work style.

While plenty of people find shared workspaces to be beneficial for many reasons, a whopping 74 percent of professionals experienced a boost in productivity after joining a coworking space. While there isn’t any single reason why coworking improves productivity, there are several reasons why people thrive in shared workspaces.


The greatest benefit of coworking offices is the community within them. Even if you do not crave social interaction, the people, professionals, services, ideas and conversations available in coworking environments can be invaluable to a growing business. 

It can be a great hub for discovering people with unique skills and talents that you can tap into their knowledge or contract for their services.  Coworking spaces have proven ideal for growing your network as well as growing your business. I have personally  gained new customers multiple times through casual coffee pot talk at my coworking office.

Coworking offices open you up to a treasure of new people, new conversations and new opportunities.

No matter if you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, small business, or startup, your business can benefit tremendously by coworking. If you’re seeking a more creative and productive work atmosphere, coworking space is the ideal solution.

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