Virtual Office with Digital Mail

The best bundle to benefit your small business!


Access your mail anytime, anywhere.

We’ll scan all your incoming envelopes and email you their images. Everything will be safely stored while we await your instructions.


How we handle your mail is up to you.

We will securely open and scan letters or, we will forward letters or packages directly to you unopened. Discard junk – recycle or shred.


Stay organized – eliminate the clutter.

Important mail never gets lost, invoices get paid, checks get deposited. Integrate your digital mail into your favorite storage applications.

Access your mail 24/7/365

Regardless of where you are from any mobile device or tablet!

You can access your postal mail and see your package deliveries, then tell us what to do. We’ll receive your mail and package deliveries, scan the front of the envelope or package label and notify you. Simply log into your email and request to open and scan, recycle or forward the mail item. Mail & Packages Received 120 Items Open & Scan 20 Items.

  • Additional Fees: Additional Received $.50 per extra envelope or package scan. 
  • Additional Open & Scan $2.00 per envelope for up to 10 pages, then $.25 per additional page.
  • Mail Forwarding $1.00 per item plus the cost of shipping.
  • Mail Storage First 30 days free, then $.05 per envelope per day.
  • Package Storage First 7 days free, then $.10 per pound per day.

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