Does it feel like physical mail delivery is the dinosaur fighting to survive in this digital age. It is not just perception, the direct mail volumes are dropping year-over-year in contrast to the exponential growth of our mobile use and lifestyles. Digital transformation is about to replace your curbside mailbox.

Virtual mail use is ideal for digital nomads and business travelers, but it’s also a smart move for businesses interested in increasing efficiencies and creating time-saving systems for repeated tasks. Simply, it is just a more efficient way to handle mail.

What is a Digital Mail Service?


In a nutshell, digital or more often, virtual mailbox services receive and process mail for clients. Unlike a traditional P.O. box, which is a place to receive mail, virtual mailbox services include a number of other offerings and can be a valuable add-on for small business owners, independent professionals, freelancers, and coworking space members, whether full-time, part-time, or virtual office members.

Here are five reasons a virtual mail service is good for your business!

1.  Establishes a Professional Business Address with a Virtual Mailbox


Having a street address for your business signals a level of success greater than that expressed by simply having a P.O. box. A business address implies stability. It can also strengthen your brand image and help you establish yourself in the local business ecosystem.


2.  A virtual mailbox gives you a business address in any city

Virtual mail services allow you to have a business address anywhere in the country, or even the world. Unlike a P.O. box, which requires you to be present to pick up mail, virtual mail services will sort, hold or forward your mail to wherever you are. This way, you can choose the business address in places like New York City, London, England, or maybe Dallas, TX. The point is that even if you are in a coworking office space with 6 other solopreneurs, your virtual mail address can read like a luxury high rise on Park Avenue.


3.  A Step Ahead With New Mail Notifications


The beauty of virtual mail service is that you don’t have to be present to pick up your mail. You’ll be alerted when you receive mail and can decide what to do with it remotely.

Increasingly, virtual mail is less about mail collection, and more about what happens after your mail is delivered. It has evolved into a business efficiency tool that streamlines actionables and eliminates unnecessary or time-wasting tasks.  For instance, a quality virtual mail service offers the following:

  • Notifications about each piece of mail received
  • Choose which pieces of mail you want opened, digitally scanned and sent to you
  • Choose which pieces of mail to shred so you don’t have to bother with junk mail

Time-saving and allows for on-the-spot organization and prioritization from anywhere!


4. Additional Virtual Office Services for Professional Impressions


Your virtual mail service may include additional virtual office offerings. For instance, Carolina Business Center offers packages with an array of services at affordable rates:


  • live phone answering
  • call forwarding
  • access to workspace
  • private office
  • meeting rooms
  • day offices
  • open coworking

5.  Digital Mail Will Mainstream in This New Decade

Technology has made us an impatient lot. And, the demand to interact with correspondence digitally, rather than hard copy has been adopted as a transformation imperative for postal services worldwide. Smarter mail processing and delivery simply requires digitization.  Put your company ahead of the pack with a digital mail service that is not only convenient but supports higher business performance and outcomes.

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