New Business Center Open in North Myrtle Beach

Executive Suites and Coworking Center

North Myrtle Beach, SC, March 1, 2018:  Carolina Business Center LLC announced today the opening of a new Business Center in North Myrtle Beach that will feature executive suites and co-working spaces. The center is designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and others who do not need or want traditional office space but want a local business location or require temporary/occasional office facilities at an affordable price. The 3,900 square foot facility is located at 2423 Highway 17 South in North Myrtle Beach, across the street from the PGA Tour Superstore and two doors down from Black’s Auto & Tire. The facility is now open.

The new business center will feature eight (8) private offices, coworking areas, conference room, Skype room, lobby, kitchen, lounge and ample parking. Open 24/7, the center will be staffed and will offer free high-speed WIFI, printing, scanning, mail boxes, digital mail service and virtual offices.

The newest trend in office space with new facilities opening all over the world, coworking space are expected to double to 3.6 million globally by 2020.  Coworking, simply defined, is the sharing of office space by self-employed, independent professionals and others who wish to work together in a communal, collaborative setting as opposed to the traditional model where office space is occupied by employees of a single organization. Ideal for work-at-home professionals, independent contractors, or road warriors who work in relative isolation, coworking spaces offer many benefits to combat the challenges of remote working.

“As any remote worker will tell you, there are also considerable challenges to working in isolation. Several university studies have revealed that isolation, loneliness and missing out on the human interaction are among the most frequent complaints of remote workers.” noted Alyce Lee, Managing Director of Carolina Business Center, “The number one reason to join a coworking space is for the community support.  For example, opening your own business is scary and coworking members will support you. You can bounce your ideas around and get honest feedback. More importantly, they will cheer you on when you have a success and pick you up when times are tough.”

Coworking space is offered like a club membership with space rented by the day, week or month. Members can choose to “hot desk,” (use whatever desk is available) or pay a little more for their own desk. Members can reserve meeting rooms or use a coworking space as a virtual office. A smaller Skype room is available for teleconferencing or privacy.

Please call to arrange for a tour of the facility

(843) 272-4599

Tours are available from 8:30 to 5:30 daily.

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