Video Studio

Green room with lights, tripods and more!

What is it?

Located on the 3rd Floor, our video studio offers you the unique ability to capture professional video. Get creative and push your brand with quality video captured in the only video studio in the area open to the public!

How does it work?

Book, pay online, show up and get to work!

What is included?

The studio is also equipt with ample lighting, camera tripods, and leather seating, access to secure, high speed WiFi, Free Parking,  Reception, Complimentary Beverages, Kitchen, as well as cloud printing in a beautiful facility with a great, knowledgeable staff.

Video Studio

Green room equipt with tripods, umbrella lighting, overhead lights, free parking, seating, access to high-speed WiFi, as well as kitchen access with free complementary beverages. 

$50.00 per hour
$200.00 per day

Please call to arrange for a tour of the facility

(843) 272-4599

Tours are available from 8:30 to 5:30 daily.

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